Body Treatments


Reflexology reduces the feeling of stress, relaxes the mind & body, assists the body to maintain a balanced state.

1hr - £60.00 / 30min - £30.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that it works on the person as a whole, relaxing treatment, an excellent classic natural way of treating minor ailments, stress and negative emotional states of mind and body.

Essential oil blended with base oil is used to stimulate the flow of blood and lymph fluid,this is applied to massage the body to treat problems such as insomnia, PMT, fatigue, backache, headache,tension, respiratory etc.

First treatment with consultation
80min - £70.00 / 30min - £30.00

Swedish Body Massage

This is way to reduce stress levels and deal with pain in a therapeutic manner through use of nourishing and moisturising massage oilsto promotes good healthy wellbeing body, boosting the immune system,improve muscle tone,stimulating circulation also encouraging joint flexibility.

1hr - £50.00
30min - £30.00

Nubian syncro system massage

80min - £70.00 / 30min - £35.00

Aromatherapy Back Massage

30min - £32.00

G.5 Massage

Used to help break down fatty deposit i.e. cellulite, also helps tone thighs, buttocks and stomach.

1hr - £40.00 / 30min - £25.00

Back Cleanse

Effectively helps clear blemishes and acne on the back area.

40min - £30.00

Turbo Tanning

Vertical Sunbeds with integrated changing spacious area and continuous airflow 100% Pure Power, 180 watts fast tanning tubes.

Single Sessions Courses
3 mins - £4.00 30 mins - £26.50
6 mins - £6.00 60 mins - £50.00
9 mins - £8.00 90 mins - £70.00
12 mins - £10.00 120 mins - £85.00


Crazy Angel Spray Tanning

£25.00 A SESSION


GardaSun 7000: As many sun worshippers have a preference to upright tanning, instead of the reclined position, we now offer the GardaSun 7000. The spacious cabin permits free movement, enabling a seamless tan to be acquired on virtually every part of the body. Due to the application of 42 x 160 watt sunfit VRX reflector lamps, tanning time is reduced to 5 to 10 minutes. Of course the GardaSun 7000 is also equipped with strong acrylic lamp protectors, electronic timer and body cooler controls, after cooling system and hour counter.

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